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Message from the Executive Director

Executive Director
Tetsuo Akuzawa

To Our Unitholders,

I would like to first express my sincere appreciation for your ongoing support to the Investment Corporation.

In June 2006, the Investment Corporation was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange as a "Rental Housing Specialized REIT" for diversifying investment in rental condominiums nationwide (Securities Code: 8986).
In July 2010, we merged with Prospect REIT, Inc. and in December 2015, we welcomed Daiwa Securities Group Inc. as a new sponsor.
In the meantime, the Investment Corporation has been working to steadily improve distributions by strengthening overall operations, such as improving the utilization rate, and by reducing interest-bearing debt costs.

In order to achieve further growth, The Investment Corporation aims to further grow as a REIT that comprehensively provides a comfortable living space that "supports the lives and livelihoods of all people" tailored to life stages by expanding the scope of investment through the merger of Nippon Healthcare Investment Corporation that operates healthcare facilities, which are compatible with rental housing within the framework of "living and residential areas."
In addition, Daiwa Securities Group, Inc., which is also the sponsor of the Investment Corporation, will continue to strengthen its real estate asset management business. As a result, Daiwa Securities Group will demonstrate a strong sponsorship commitment and support the sustainable growth of the Investment Corporation.

Going forward, The Investment Corporation will remain focused on maximizing unitholders' benefits and I sincerely ask for your support to The Investment Corporation.

Tetsuo Akuzawa
Executive Director
Daiwa Securities Living Investment Corporation