Sustainability Initiatives

Social Initiatives

Efforts for an Aging Society

Investment in Healthcare Facilities

The Investment Corporation believes that investing in healthcare facilities that utilizes highly social funds through the capital market will lead to the solution of social issues in an aging society. Nippon Healthcare Investment Corporation, the predecessor of DLI, was listed in 2014 as Japan’s first REIT specializing in healthcare facilities. DLI has the largest investment in healthcare facilities among J-REITs.
Going forward, we aim to solve the social issues facing Japan, such as the shortage of quality healthcare facilities amid the aging of society. At the same time, through the supply of quality healthcare facilities, we hope to contribute to the advancement of people leaving work, particularly women, to society, and the promotion of their return to work, due to nursing care at home.

(as of Mar. 31, 2023)
58 properties total acquisition price JPY 108.2 billion

Efforts for Tenants

Tenant Satisfaction Surveys

We conduct a questionnaire survey of healthcare facility operators and utilize the results of this survey to improve the operation and management of properties and tenant satisfaction.

Efforts for Community

Introduction of Sharing Services and Installation of Ports

Contributing to improving the convenience of residents and local residents in society and reducing environmental impact.

Introduction of Car Sharing

Installation of LUUP(Electric kickboard)

(Gran Casa Monzennakacho)

(Park Terrace Ebisu)

Charity & Volunteer Activities

Implement Jeans Day

The Asset Manager does “Jeans Day,” an initiative of the sponsor Daiwa Securities Group Inc. Since June 2021, employees can come to the office in casual wear such as polo shirts and jeans on Fridays, and a charity drive is held to aid those impacted by COVID-19 (on third Fridays).

Charity Activities

Donation of surplus calendar / notebook
The Asset Manager conducts activities to donate calendars that are no longer needed in the company to organizations that are conducting activities to support disaster recovery and contribute to local communities.
Donation of irregular postcards and used stamps
The Asset Manager collects irregular postcards and used stamps, and conducts donation activities through NPOs and other organizations that conduct volunteer activities for international cooperation.

Efforts for Investors

Engagement with investors

The Investment Corporation strives to proactively disclose information and be accountable to all stakeholders through IR activities. In order to promote understanding of the Investment Corporation, we hold individual meetings with domestic and foreign institutional investors, and hold seminars for individual investors.
The IR activities results from FY2020 to FY2021 are as follows.

Number of meetings and seminars

Efforts to Prepare for Emergencies and Disasters

Disaster Prevention Efforts

Installation of disaster prevention equipment

We are promoting disaster prevention measures, such as the development of AEDs, emergency supply storage boxes, disaster prevention stockpiles, etc. for the properties that can be installed out of our owned properties.

Installation of disaster
prevention stockpile

Installation of EV
emergency supplies storage box

Digital Signage Disaster Prevention Guide

A disaster prevention guide is displayed with digital signage.

(Gala Place Shinjuku Gyoen)

Efforts for Employees

Efforts for Employees

The Act on Investment Trusts and Investment Corporations prevents investment corporations from hiring employees, so the asset manager’s employees are responsible for operation in practice. The Asset Manager to which the Investment Corporation entrusts asset management cultivates its human resources through initiatives like the following to achieve high-level asset management.

Promotion of Active Participation of Diverse Personnel

Believing that promotion of active participation of diverse personnel improves the organization, the Asset Manager monitors employee diversity. Daiwa Securities Group proactively promotes talented employees regardless of gender and endorsed the declaration of the Cabinet Office Gender Equality Bureau’s Male Leaders Coalition for Empowerment of Women in 2015.

End of FY2019 End of FY2020 End of FY2021
Employees 113 127 132
 Female employees 37 39 38
 Ratio of female employees 32.7% 30.7% 28.8%
Directors (including part-time) 6 7 6
 Female directors (including part-time) 0 0 0
Managerial positions 84 91 99
 Female managers 18 18 17
 Ratio of female managers 21.4% 19.8% 17.2%
Employees over 60 1 3 3

Personnel Hiring/Training Strategy

The Asset Manager has signed a sponsor support agreement for cooperation in personnel hiring with Daiwa Securities Group Inc. It receives seconded employees from Daiwa Securities Group and promotes sharing and succession of real estate asset management expertise to increase the entire organization’s sustainability.

End of FY2019 End of FY2020 End of FY2021
Secondments from sponsor 26 28 28

Qualification Acquisition Support

The Asset Manager supports employees in obtaining qualifications to improve their abilities by offering training, testing and renewal fee payment for real estate and various other qualifications with which they can demonstrate a high level of expertise.

Qualification Holders

End of March 2022
Real Estate Transaction Specialist 83
ARES Certified Master 43
Certified Building Administrator 13
First-Class Architect 9
Real Estate Consulting Master 7
Real Estate Appraiser 1
Chartered Member of The Security Analysts Association of Japan 9
Certified Public Tax Accountant 1

Employee Health & Comfort

Working Environment Improvement

The Asset Manager developed the office environment for employee health, work style flexibility and productivity, for example establishing a cafeteria space where employees can work comfortably, installing free vending machines, developing the communication environment including Wi-Fi at office area and meeting rooms and utilizing free space for remote work.


The Asset Manager offers the following benefit programs to build a diverse, flexible working environment and ensure that life events like birth, childrearing and elderly care do not force employees to give up working.

【All Employees】 Consecutive holiday, flextime, medical checkups, Life Support paid holiday, The telecommuting system
【Childrearing】 Childcare leave, Childcare Support Leave, Pre-childcare leave for male employees, Short working hours system, Exemption/restriction on overtime work, Nursing care leave, Daycare subsidy, Babysitter system, Support desk for employees looking for nursery schools
【Female Employees】 Daiwa ELLE Plan
【Nursing Care】 Nursing care leave, Nursing care-support leave

Benefits Data

FY2019 FY2020 FY2021
Childcare leave takers 3 4 (including 1 male) 4
Return rate from child care leave 100% 100% 100%
Childcare Support Leave takers 2 2 6
Childcare Support leave usage rate 50% 100% 100%
Nursing care leave takers 0 0 0

Health Management

The Asset Manager manages employee health by subsidizing costs such as medical checkups and flu vaccination and ensuring thorough health examinations.

Employee Health Data

FY2019 FY2020 FY2021
Percentage of employees who took the stress check 97%
94% 94%
Paid holiday usage rate 78% 72% 77%
Yearly paid holidays taken per person 17.9 16.6 17.8

Countermeasures Against COVID-19

Developing remote work system (lending laptops and mobile phones to all employees, including temporary workers, subsidizing monitors costs, etc. for working at home)
Installing disinfectant in offices, etc.
Promoting IT use such as online meetings
Ensuring physical distance in offices
Offering workplace vaccination (Daiwa Securities Group offered workplace vaccination to all employees, including affiliate companies, and their families)
Subsidizing home PCR tests

ABW Trial

We granted subsidies for remote work plans at hotels owned by Daiwa Hotel Private Investment Corporation whose management is entrusted to the Asset Manager. In addition, we plan to introduce free addresses for offices in July 2022, and are implementing trials of various work locations and working styles.
※ABW: Activity-Based Working

Fulfilling Workplace Creation

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Believing in the importance of reflecting employee feedback in various measures to build a better working environment, the Asset Manager regularly conducts employee satisfaction surveys and uses the results to improve the in-house environment.

Evaluation System

The Asset manager conducts performance reviews of all employees every six months and pays bonuses commensurate with their achievement of half-year targets. The regular evaluation and feedback help employees in their career development and forms a transparent HR evaluation system.

Ongoing Anti-Harassment Training

The Asset Manager increases employee sensitivity to and awareness of harassment by instructing employees on their first day (or secondment) about harassment, the whistleblowing system and other internal controls, conducting regular anti-harassment training thereafter and ensuring thorough awareness of the compliance consultation process. It also asks about harassment when employees submit their career plans twice a year.

General Business Owner Action Plans

In accordance with the Law for Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children and the Act of Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace, the Asset Manager has formulated General Business Owner Action Plans with the aim of creating a pleasant working environment and a work environment in which female employees can work for a long time. For those who have taken childcare leave, we encourage to provide them with a place to discuss about the balance of childcare and work such as follow-up lunches when returning to work.
Click here for details on The General Business Owner Action Plans(Japanese Only)

HR Data

End of FY2019 End of FY2020 End of FY2021
Employees 113 127 132
 Men 76 88 94
 Women 37 39 38
Permanent employees 113 127 132
 Men 76 88 94
 Women 37 39 38
Contract employees 0 0 0
 Men 0 0 0
 Women 0 0 0
(Ref.) Temporary employees 5 5 5
 Men 0 0 0
 Women 5 5 5
New hires 10 15 10
 Men 6 13 9
 Women 4 2 1
Directors (including part-time) 6 7 6
Average Years Employed  * 4.7 5.1 5.2
 Men 4.9 5.4 5.2
 Women 4.4 4.6 5.2
Departures 4 3 3
Rate of departure 3.8% 2.7% 2.4%
  • * Excludes seconded employees from Daiwa Securities Group

Productivity Improvement & Overtime Monitoring

The Asset Manager has signed a labor-management agreement (Article 36 of the Labor Standards Act) on overtime with an employee representative. It also calculates each employee’s health management time and monitors properly their working time to improve productivity and maintain employee health.

Labor Data

FY2019 FY2020 FY2021
Annual regular working hours 1807.5 1837.5 1830.0
Average monthly overtime hours per person 20.3 24.6 23.1
Rate of labor-related death 0 0 0

Labor Standard Infractions

The Asset Manager had no serious labor standard infractions between April 1, 2021, and March 31, 2022.

Human Rights Efforts

Daiwa Securities Group states in its corporate principles that “the Group will strive to maintain a high sense of morality and duty, endeavoring to continue contributing to the sustainable growth of the societies in which we operate.” To improve a corporate culture rooted in the basic principles of respect for human rights, we are further strengthening our efforts to educate and enlighten our employees about human rights. See below for details about Daiwa Securities Group’s human rights efforts.
Click here for details on the Daiwa Securities Group human rights initiatives.

Complaint Collection

As a member of Daiwa Securities Group, the Asset Manager has an anonymous whistleblowing system to quickly detect and correct any infraction of the law or regulations. The report recipient is the Daiwa Securities Group Inc.’s corporate ethics officer or designated advisory legal firm attorney. When necessary, the internal control supervisor implements corrective and preventive measures based on the instructions of the president.