Investor Relations

Analyst Coverage

The following is a list of analysts covering the Investment Corporation.

(as of March 6, 2024)

Agency Name
Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. KOHEI OMURA
Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd. YOSUKE OHATA
Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities Co., Ltd. TAKUYA SATO

* Agencies are listed in order of Japanese syllabary


The above list is based on the information available to the Investment Corporation and the asset manager of the Investment Corporation, Daiwa Real Estate Asset Management Co., Ltd. (hereafter the “Asset Manager”), at the time of its publication. Consequently, the list may not be comprehensive or the information may be outdated. Further, please note that the Investment Corporation and the Asset Manager do not in any way endorse or support the listed analysts. The analysis and forecasts made by the analysts regarding the business and performance of the Investment Corporation are completely based on their independent judgment and neither the Investment Corporation nor the Asset Manager participates in the process of their analysis. The Investment Corporation and the Asset Manager neither endorse nor guarantee the analysis, forecasts or opinions of the analysts. The purpose of this list is to provide the information on analysts who make analyses and forecasts on the business and performance of the Investment Corporation, and is not intended to make any solicitation or recommendation for investment or trades of our investment units. Furthermore, please be reminded that any investment decisions ultimately must be made based on your own decision and at your own responsibility.