Investor Relations

IR Policy

Basic IR Policy

  1. In order to fulfill sufficient accountability to investors and promote constructive dialogue with investors, we shall disclose information as quickly, accurately, fairly and easily as possible. In particular, we shall endeavor to give special consideration to disclosure of matters with high specialty, such as derivative transactions, by using terms that can be understood by general investors as well as providing more detailed explanations.
  2. The contents and format of disclosure shall be pursuant to the Act on Investment Trusts and Investment Corporations, Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the rules set by Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc., The Investment Trusts Association, Japan and such.
  3. Also with regard to information disclosure not stipulated in 2 above, we shall voluntarily disclose information that is useful for making investment decisions and other useful information, etc. that could affect the end tenants of investment properties or indirectly affect investors, as promptly and accurately as possible.
  4. Upon disclosure, we shall organizationally confirm and discuss the need for disclosure and accuracy of disclosure contents, and shall fully ensure that timely and appropriate disclosure is made by seeking the opinions of outside experts as necessary, etc.
  5. We will not provide important information only to certain parties in transaction in compliance with the Fair Disclosure Rule stipulated in the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act. When we disclose important information to parties in transaction, we shall disclose said important information to the public simultaneously.

IR Activities

The following is the Investment Corporation’s IR schedule.

  • End of fiscal period: March and September
  • Announcement of financial results (Summary of Financial Report): May and November
  • Dispatch of Semi-Annual Report (in Japanese): June and December
  • Submission of Securities Report: June and December

The Investment Corporation has proactively taken the following measures, including disclosure of various information on its website (Japanese/English) for investors.

(1)Activities for institutional investors

Holding financial results briefing sessions and IR meetings, etc.

(2)Activities for individual investors

Booth participation at the J-REIT fair, holding of explanatory sessions and management status reporting meetings, etc.

Information disclosure flow